Minus 19, now that’s cold!
Its alright if you keep moving and unless I buy a balaclava my nose and cheeks will still be exposed and those are the bits that really feel it. After a five minute walk from the bus stop to kindergarten O arrived with a bright red nose and little splotches of red on his cheeks. He looked very cute.
You have to remember not to wipe your runny nose on your mitten because it freezes and will be visible for all to see.
This morning I also discovered that the 23 bus that we catch to kindergarten is not the one to catch coming home. I ended up going in the wrong direction but before it took me too far I got off and hopped on a tram, which brought me to Vabaduse Square. From there I walked. If I’d just started walking all the way home from the kindergarten I would have arrived home sooner.